Aug 23, 2010

Dear Manila

Dear Manila,

I know Hong Kong is hatin on you right now like crazy giving out travel advisories that our country is unsafe and all but its okay that’s their way as a country to protect their citizens we would’ve done the same thing. I hope this incident opened our eyes that our country is so corrupt because even the SWAT team lacks equipment and training!(Epic fail on the tactics). How can they protect and serve our people if they don’t have the tools to do it. Hmm.. I wonder where did all their budget go. Anyways, also please don’t hate the people because some of ‘em (including me) are pointing fingers to authorities most especially to PNOY(I’m no fan of him and I pointed on the cops and media lol). Come on! give him some slack he is the president alright but what do you want him to do? Do you want him to go out there and be the one to negotiate? He is not a superhero or someone who will immediately clean the shit of our country. Have you seen the president of other countries going out in public and negotiating with a hostage taker? (nag iisang hostage taker pa at that!). As far as I know there are people who are assigned to do such tasks. The media should also be wary of what they are reporting (to quote sir Jim Paredes “People’s safety supersedes media’s claim that ‘the people have a right to know”)Hmm.. I say to you Manila we will be able to stand up again! I’m sure of that because amidst all the calamities and the scandals we are faced we are still Filipinos, blood of heroes flow through our veins! We can do this! And we are survivors!.. (sorry if my letter to you is all over the place coz im eating piyaya one of your many wonderful products).And don’t worry Manila haters are still gonna hate we can’t do anything about that we just need to believe in ourselves and our country.


Ged (Proud to be Filipino)

Aug 6, 2010

The NTC Fair Use Policy is a bitch

I was trying to register to Globe’s Superunli promo since yesterday but I’m not receiving any messages from them regarding the status of my request. I called them up to ask what is the problem. Boy! was I surprised! My account got suspended because it was in direct violation of the FAIR USE POLICY. Read and understand.


  1. What is the Fair Use Policy?

    The fair use policy states that text offers are applicable for person to person transactions only. They are not intended and should not be used for spamming. Globe reserves the right to suspend promo subscription/s of accounts suspected to be engaged in such activities.

  2. What is considered SPAM?

    SPAM is the abuse of electronic messaging systems. SPAM messages are not necessarily offensive, and may inform the person to join a cause, join a training, apply for a loan or campaign for a politician.

  3. Why is Globe promoting control measures on text SPAM?

    Globe has decided to reinforce the control measures on text SPAM to protect our valued subscribers from unsolicited SMS broadcasts. Rest assured that we are always looking for ways to serve our subscribers better.

  4. How do we report text SPAMmers?

    Ma’am/Sir, you may report the text spammers through the Globe call-in service at 211, toll-free from your Globe mobile phone or 730-1000 through your landline. Text SPAM may also be reported through the Globe website at Please make sure to take note of the mobile number that sent you the SPAM.

  5. Can I have my promo subscription reactivated or my account unblocked?

    Sorry Ma’am/Sir, we cannot entertain any requests for the reactivation of your promo subscription or the unblocking of your account. NTC rules that promos are applicable for person to person transaction only and must not be used for commercial purposes. Globe Telecom reserves the right to suspend promo subscription/s suspected to be engaged in such activities.



I availed their SuperUnli service so that I can text and call my beloved. I did not use it to spam other people. This policy is fucking bullshit and unfair and what’s nice?! you can’t even reactivate it?!?!! Whoever made this policy is a douchebag yeah a fuckin douche bag! I’m like a loyal globe subscriber I reload regularly so that I can avail of their promos and this is what I get?!?! I’m treated as SPAMMER?! Well globe thank you! and FUCK YOU! Where is the fairness in the fair use policy?? You guys are such fuckers!

Yes I am irate and pissed because this is the time that I need their service the most why? Because I miss my beloved, just hearing her voice comforts me coz she is now busy with her work. Anyways, THANK YOU GLOBE FOR BEING SO NICE AND A DOUCHE BAG THAT YOU’VE MISTAKEN ME FOR A SPAMMER..AGAIN FOR THE RECORD.. FUCK YOU! AND OFF THE RECORD.. FUCK YOU AGAIN!



Jun 15, 2010

That's wassup!

Internship Experience

Two years ago I never thought I would actually pursue a career in New Media Design or Design in general for that matter. Then came a twist of fate, a change of path towards my future. I ventured into a new world wherein eventually I would start to find my true self. The only software I know when I started NMD was Photoshop, a little of it. A couple of terms passed and I know I am enjoying my time as a design student but I figured that there was something missing. I have not thought of where or what field of media I would concentrate because it is such a big world. An unexpected thing happened in one of my classes I was asked to do something I have not done before. I was confused on how to do such a thing. That problem opened me to the world of motion design and from then on I told myself that this what I want and to be good at it will be my goal.

A week after the exhibit I only have one company in mind to apply for internship and that is 27+20 Design Boutique. Although the owner and art director of that company is my professor I was never confident that I will be able to take my internship there because being confident was never in my system. First day in their office I asked Sir Nico if I could have my internship there. At first he was hesitant because the only allotted time for our ojt was a hundred hours and that he wanted a month's worth of hours. He told me to go back to school and ask if I can extend more than a hundred. The next day I went back to their office and told him that once I have completed the 100 hours it is up to me if I am going to extend my internship. On that same day I had my interview I was surprised at first because I thought that there will be no interviews but like always I was wrong. The interview went fairly well than what I anticipated. I showed them my reel and just answered the questions honestly with no pretentions whatsoever. Luckily I was able to pass and after a few days I will be able to start my training.
April 19, 2010 was my first official stay at the office. My first task was to familiarize myself on how to use and navigate using a Mac. Then an agency called up the office and asked if we can design a 3D coral reef for the Pepsi website and that it is still up for bidding. That was my first real project. I was one of the artists who worked on the 3D coral reef although it did not materialize I was happy I was able to do something. Then came the Rock N' Roll project which is an indie film by Quark Henares. This was my moment. This was my time to shine. Sir just gave me the directions and just let me do my thing. The effects that was needed was fairly basic. When I say basic I mean really basic because it is just a bunch of texts animating. I took my time in working on the project so that it can yield good results. With lots of luck I finished it and my boss liked it. That was certainly a relief for me.

After the Rock N' Roll gig it was fairly quiet in the office, me and the other guys were just doing tests and watching motion graphic inspirations to keep our creative juices flowing. One Tuesday afternoon Vgrafiks dropped by the office and had a project for us to work on. It was a bid for Sykes. The theme was "Paper" we were asked to create/model a ticket an ipod and a frappe. The ticket was supposed to be in 2D while the ipod and frappe where to be in 3D. I modelled the frappe. It was definitely a challenge to create a frappe and then make it look like paper. Again with a stroke of luck I was able to finish and once again my boss liked it but to everyone's dismay we did not get bid due to the costing issues. On April 30th I was asked to assist Sir over at The Fort because he was painting there for a skating event. I watched him paint the canvass and assisted him whenever he needed something. After a week I went to the closing ceremonies and watched their live painting event. Last May 21st I went to Cubao Expo for Ms. Katwo's exhibit. There I met a lot of artists and bloggers it was my first time to attend that kind of event. Time flew by so fast that after a few days the office was quiet and I finished my 100 hours. I got my certificate the next day gave it to the school and then returned again to the office.

My boss asked me what I would like to do next and then I asked him if I could extend my internship. He told me that he and the others will talk about it and that he will just text me on whatever is the outcome. Honestly I thought that I won't be able to extend my stay because I know that they are not looking for someone like me. I specialize in motion graphics and know a little bit of 3D and in the office my boss already does those kind of things and he does it way better and cooler than me of course. Two days passed and I got a text message from him saying that they are willing to extend my internship and that he may have a possible work for me. I was happy and excited to start all over again.

The extension of my internship finally happened he asked me to make a 3D model of the Marlboro Red Rush logo. He specifically asked me to make it clean, pretty and sexy. It will be used for the bid. I did a mediocre job in making the logo 3D it was good enough to be sent to the client as a test render. After a few days we got the bid and it was time to work on the animations for real. In that time my boss found out that the logo was still not clean the model was a bit off. In short I screwed up. Weekend came and they redid my work and honestly I was embarrassed at myself because time was wasted and it was my fault. After that my boss asked me to work on an equalizer type of animation with the logo. It was painstakingly hard to achieve. I took the animation home and I worked on it. Again with strokes of luck I was able to make the effect. Sir sent my test animation to the client and they liked it. They wanted a cleaner and much a cooler version of what I did. During that time I was helpless, the only thing I could do is watch and I can't help but think of my screw up. Maybe my boss thought that I still can't handle big projects such as that one. When the RedRush project was finished I thought I was a goner for sure but then came the Rock Ed project and the UNO Magazine typo design. For the magazine I was assigned to design something with the words "zoom" and "snikt" and for the Rock Ed I was hoping that it will be my chance to redeem myself because the animations needed are right up my alley. I was able to play with the animation for one day because when I got home my boss sent me a text message that he wanted to talk to me regarding my internship. We had a talk the following Thursday and I found out my status. And not to my surprise my status was bad I was right and my assessment was that I had trouble with instructions and stuff. I won't blame them because they were right and I did not took it against them. It was a learning process for me. That night he texted me to finish my typo design so that at least I could get something published. I took my time and I finished it. I was happy with the outcome and he liked it as well. It is up to them if it will get published or not.

What I Learned

I learned a lot about the ins and outs of the industry and that the agencies are higher entities that really call the shots. Most agencies lack the term collaboration because they don't want to collaborate with the post/production houses. I realized that the client is always the last to know because the agencies are the ones who get to tell the prod/post houses to either go or scrap the look or animation of the project before the client sees the work.

I learned that you should not lower your price just so you can get the bid and have a project because by doing so you are ruining the industry. If you charge something for a cheap price then you will just make mediocre works due to budget constraints but if you charge them at the right price you will able to do much cooler things and not down grade the output.

I learned that the workflow varies all the time and that there is no one kind of work flow. It varies depending on the project.

I learned that after you've done a project and you're asked to do sort of like the same thing again it is not enough just to do it the same way but you should up the ante and step it up a notch or two.

Codecs are little things but they are so important. People should not neglect them.

I learned that post/prod houses such as 27+20 always look for inspirations in the works of others. When they don't know how to do a certain effect it is not bad to watch tutorials on how to achieve that certain effect because they believe that by sharing your knowledge to others it will make the industry grow because you're always going to want to step your game up.

I also learned that being able to do good in school doesn't mean a thing in the real world. Everyone has his or her own time to shine and if ever you're given that kind of chance just go for it, do your best and don't forget to enjoy and have fun.
From this experience I must say that I grew up and matured. During my internship I was distracted for most of the time and I was not able to give my 100% in the projects. I was distracted because I was hell bent on making everyone around me proud and with that I pressured myself a lot. I forgot how it's like to have fun and enjoy making something that I love. I became a confused child depending a lot on the instructors rather than being a man and make my own decisions.

I really learned a lot from my stay there. In my future work I will reflect on all the things I have learned so that I will be a better individual.

I would like to thank Sir Nico for letting me come in as their intern and for teaching me things that are not taught in the classroom and most especially for having the patience to deal with a beginner like me.

Apr 2, 2010

Bunch of new works

Because I have tumblr I'm lazy to update this blog LOL.. Imma post a bunch of videos for all y'all.. thanks!

Bumper for our exhibit

Bumper 2 for our exhibit

Ironman 2 Teaser

Transformers 3 Teaser


Mcjoke Viral Vid (For ProPrac Class)

Nixrocks Glamshop

Whew! that was a hand full!! haha next time I need to update my portfolio site.. sheesh! LOL

Mar 20, 2010


The New Media Design students of PhoenixOne Makati presents "Synthesis"..

Mar 14, 2010


Here's the cleaner version of my demo reel... :)

Jan 8, 2010

Photo-Real 3D Rendering

Just wanted to share a video to everyone. This video is an incredible
Photo-Real 3D Rendering - The Third and the Seventh. When you watch it
I'm pretty sure your goin to say "Nooo! That's not 3D!" But it really
is 3D. They used 3D Max and Vray. Enjoy! Makes me wanna learn how to use Vray.. haha kaso asa nmn sa pc ko.. haha

The Third & The Seventh from Alex Roman on Vimeo.


This is for my baby..

Baby I cant sleep
I'm so sad because I got to see you
earlier but it was for a short time only
I hope its Sunday already I want to hug you
till eternity..
I love you so much baby
you mean the world to me
I want to call you up even just to hear you breathing
but I don't have any money left for me to keep on calling..
I am so poor baby.. I can't wait for classes to comeback..
so that Ill be able to save some money again and be able to
call you at night..
i love you baby that's all I can say..
and so I pray to God to guide you everyday..
I miss you.. I miss you my heart keeps shouting that
I hope your heart hears it if not mine will have a
heart attack..